Responsive Mobile Web Design Vs Mobile Websites – Which is Best?

Posted by | Posted in Design | Posted on 19-09-2013

Gone are the golden days when it was all about personal computer or laptop for accessing the World Wide Web. People have started accessing the internet on mobile devices, while businesses started making separate websites for mobile devices. It was helpful for them to customize the content based on the needs of mobile users. But, with mobile devices in different sizes and configurations, designing a mobile website poses a challenge to businesses. And now, with all the advancements, responsive web design has come as the best solution providing a flexible design.

So, should mobile websites be completely ruled out and responsive web designs be used by all? Definitely, no! There are some advantages you can enjoy with mobile websites too, which you will not want to miss out on. Read on to find which one will suit your organization’s needs.


The main factor used to determine the type of website that will be most suitable for an organization is the type of content you have on the website. If most of your content is text, the responsive design will suit you best. For instance, a user who visits your site will need to read the text to find the information he wants to know. Having a responsive web design for such a site will not only help you manage the site easily but also provide the same experience he can get on your site on a regular PC. On the other hand, if you have a shopping cart, a mobile website could be better because the user will be able to scroll through the pictures and find it easy to do the shopping.


If you want to consider serving different content to your mobile users, then making a separate mobile website is the better option. Having a separate website for mobile users will help you have more control over the content you share with them. If your mobile users visit your website to refer to only certain pages, then you can go with this design, since your website on the mobile devices will look clutter-free and neat by having only those pages that they want to see. If you want to provide all the information that you have shared on your regular website with all users, a responsive web design is the way to go.


A mobile website takes a little more time to load than a website with a responsive design. Note that site loading speed is one of the major factors affecting your SERP rank. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of this, you can go for the responsive web design. However, some types of websites may go easy on this and maintain a mobile website. If your other needs outweigh the advantage of responsive web design, then a building a separate mobile website is the wise decision.

Making the right decision about the type of website you are going to have for your business is very important for two important reasons. One reason is that even if you change the design after experimenting, you will fail to impress a part of your customers if you choose the wrong design. The other reason is that you will incur more expenses than is necessary. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze your needs and make a concrete decision on the website design before you go for it.

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