10 Tips to Design a Company Website

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You can build your company website easily without the help of a designer. Though it seems complex, it has a lot of advantages. Take enough care for each element of your website and you can make it successful. I’ve put together 10 tips that will help you keep going in the right path of website designing for your company. You must make a list of objectives for developing your website. The main objectives that people usually have are communicate, convince, and convert. Let’s see a short description of these objectives before we move on.

Communicate: You must communicate information effectively to customers or potential customers visiting your website.

Convince: You should manage to convince the visitors that your products and services are worth trying.
Convert: The next step is to convert the convinced visitors into buyers. This is the ultimate aim of the business and the marketing efforts.


1.    Provide easy navigation on all pages. A website that is easily navigable will be able to keep its visitors happy as they can get to the information they came in search of easily. Plus, the visitors will also come back the next time they want to refer information.

2.    Use pleasant colors that are easy on the eyes. Visitors will not want to stay on a website which has very flashy colors that are too hard on the eyes. Choose colors for your website very wisely and follow the latest trend.

3.    Content rules. Whatever may be the effort you make, if you do not make an effort to write effective content, then everything else goes down the drain. Revise your content several times and upload only quality content that is very relevant to your business. This is very essential to build trust in the minds of your visitors.

4.    Go mobile! Yes, choose responsive design for your website or create a mobile site separately to serve the million people who access the internet on mobile devices. The percentage of such people is increasing every day and this is not something you will want to overlook.

5.    Give easy contact options. If you give only your email and phone number, there are a lot of chances of people missing the information or procrastinating. Give some option to communicate you very easily. Use your creativity to encourage the visitors to communicate your business.

6.    Get reviewed. This sounds uncomfortable for most businesses because they have both satisfied and unsatisfied customers. The unsatisfied customers may leave a review filled with their discontent and unsatisfaction, but you control what is displayed on your website. While taking measures to rectify the problems with your product or service, you can also make a good impression by displaying the reviews of customers who were very satisfied with your products or services.

7.    Encourage your visitors to interact with your business on your website. You can provide them a live chat option or other options that will help them express their opinions or ask their doubts. This is a very welcoming interaction since simple conversations and interactions like this will help you convert a visitor into a customer easily.

8.    If you can make short demonstrations of the products or services, go ahead and create meaningfully short videos and upload them on your website. Such demonstrations must be not only informative but also interesting so that your visitors will remember your product when they see it in a store.

9.    Use flash with a lot of consideration. Many visitors may be using devices that don’t support flash. If it is so, they would be missing out on the important parts of your website and this is not what you will want. So, avoid flash content as much as possible.

10.    Make efforts to customize content for customers in different countries. This could help them find if they can hire your services or buy your products in their country.

These are some of the ways in which you can develop an effective website for your business. Create attractive content laden with important information put across in a smart way. Happy designing!

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