10 ways to stay at top in Search Engines

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With all the havoc after Panda and Penguin updates, the very common phrase related to Google algorithms and ranking is “You never know!” Especially with the changes to algorithms every now and then, that leads to great websites turning spammy in just less than a few minutes. And the Hummingbird update following the footsteps has even made things the worst with every business pondering over the question “How to stay at top in Google results?”

Well, there are hundreds of blogs discussing what to do to achieve high rankings. Just topping the search results isn’t going to be enough as there’s always the question of “what next?” At times like these, you need a lot more than those simple tips to achieve high ranks in Google. If you want to stay at top in search engines, then go ahead and read the list of 10 different ways to try out to retain your rankings.

1. Build your Brand:
Do your customers talk about your brand? No? Then, make them! There isn’t a better way than getting your customers promote your brand to rule the search engine results. Organize memorable and mesmerizing campaigns that people can’t stop talking about. You will get to ride waves of backlinks, social signals and mentions; with a just the slightest effort to encourage your audience spread the word. With people talking about your brand, Google will be playing close attention, which is exactly what you need!

2. Is Quality Content Enough?
This might sound like a state of the art SEO technique that experts always list out as an important strategy to achieve higher ranks. But, content is actually one of the best ways to retain your rankings. Ensure that your articles are beyond just well-written content with rich media including images and video, turning into a point of contact with your customers. Impress your audience with informative content, so that they keep coming back to your site to check for what’s new.

3. Inbound Links:
Every SEO strategy at its core is all about unique, high quality content and the inbound links. Businesses often overlook the inbound linking strategy, when considering search engine optimization for their site. But, SEO experts believe it to be a strategy that can help high ranking websites to thrive on humongous traffic and stay on top of the search engine results always.

4. Domains with Keywords:
With the constant updates in Google algorithm, the shift in SEO trends seems more likely to be toward very less emphasis on “keyword tricks” and much more emphasis on “quality.” But, still registering domain names with the primary keyword in them, and boosting them with backlinks and social shares can surely help you retain your rankings. After all, it’s one of the basic marketing techniques.

5. Loading Time:
Gone are the days, when people were ready to wait for a few minutes to check out the website! In this fast-paced world, waiting for even seconds seems like the impossible task for your audience. At times like these, it’s highly important to maintain your website loading speed at the lowest as possible to retain your page rank.

6. Optimize click through rates
There is always room of improvement when it comes to click through rates of your website that can help you stay on the #1 ranking and maximize the benefits you get. Just because your website ranks higher and tops search results, you will not be guaranteed with hundreds or even thousands of visits per day. Positioning your website is definitely important, but still tweaking your title tags and Meta description to lure your audience can greatly increase the click through rates.

7. Bounce Rate and Conversions
While every aspect of the website counts in ranking, the bounce rate and conversions can more likely be a crucial factor in determining the success of your SEO strategy or marketing campaign. It’s not just for achieving rankings, but for also the profit of your business as the conversion rate will have to be indirectly proportionate to bounce rate to ensure that you are heading in the right path.

8. Social Signals
Your audience like you and your business for sure, but do they love your business to share their experience with their friends and family? May be yes! But do they share on Google+? Well, it comes as not-so-surprising that Google +1’s have a bit more recognition compared to Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins. Make sure, you have your fan base in G+ too, so Google keeps you in the top of search results.

9. Expand on ranking opportunities
Do you know there is opportunity for expanding on your #1 ranking for even more visibility? No? Many businesses are not aware of the fact that there is still a chance to take up the entire search lists. Expanding the keyword scope of the ranking page to target even more-specific keywords, would allow even more rankings, especially with a prove inbound linking structure and natural high quality backlinks. When you have more rankings for any search engine result page, Google will add a second indented listing to your first search result.

10. Future-proof your SEO rankings
Heard of Black Hat SEO? Exploiting loopholes and using certain tricks for overnight rankings might work well now, but will it last? Search engine optimization is actually extremely volatile and your rankings can be wiped out in less than a few seconds as a result of algorithmic shifts. The key is to future proof your SEO rankings to stand the test of time by building your strategies and campaign around long term signals of quality.

Regardless of what it is you follow for maintaining your SEO rankings, the bottom line is the trust and level of user engagement in your business that matters the most. Gulf Web Studio, with expertise can help you solidify your position among your competitors with focus on customer satisfaction to continue to reap the rewards of topping search results forever!

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How to use social media for small business

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Social Media Marketing

Small business owners find it difficult with managing social media as they can’t afford to hire professional help and also chalk out a definite plan and strategy. While trying to observe your audience and making plans to make a social presence, you should also plan effectively on how you would be taking it forward from that point and what kind of experience your audience will get on your social platforms. Here are some tips to help you through it.

Optimize your updates:
You might have tried to super-optimize your profile in the About us section and wherever possible in the rest of the profile. However, it is equally important to optimize each of your posts with the right keywords and tags in order to get the desired effect and traffic.

Localize posts:
The main target of small businesses should be local visitors who live just a few blocks away from your location or those who will just have to travel a few minutes to reach you. When you satisfy your neighborhood with your products and offers, business is sure to catch up and your social pages would be visited and shared often by satisfied customers who in turn could bring in a lot more customers without you having to make special efforts. Therefore, customize your posts to appeal your neighborhood.

Make content shareable:
Shareable content can be described in simple words as content that crisply conveys the message in a few words. For instance, if you have planned a week-long discount for a particular product, you just have to state the message in crisp words rather than expanding it to explain how you came up with the idea or the steps you are taking to make it happen. Audience share only what would be easy and interesting for their friends and followers to read. Thus, help them help you by sharing your message precisely.

Focus on the awareness factor:
Not all of your audience would be aware of all your services and products. A new visitor can’t be expected to take the pain of scrolling all the way down on your profile to learn what you offer. Hence, it would do you good to share old information in an interesting way. For instance, if you feel that some of your products are not moving up in the sales chart, you can re-introduce them in a different way on your social profile to get your new followers or audience acquainted with it and thereby creating awareness among them about your products and services. You should also take care not to just repost your old introduction post so that your old visitors don’t get bored.


Social platforms are opportunities to socialize, i.e., you can become one among your potential customers and build friendships. Therefore, respond to their queries, ask questions, conduct polls and socialize instead of keeping on promoting your products. Push all the promotional ideas to the background and present a friendly environment and experience on your social pages in order to bring more audience to your page.

These are some of the ways in which you could strategize your social presence and get more audience for your social media profiles. Following these ways will also help you get more activity like ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ on your posts which would serve as a means to reach more unreached potential customers.

Enjoy your social presence and make the tasks manageable by giving the audience something new and interesting to read every time you post something. This way, you can steer the power of social media to promote your business. Gulf Web Studio has a vast experience in serving a wide range of clientele, with the best practices in social media. With us, you can rest assured and enjoy the way your social presence marks your digital footprint.

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