Why your Business website needs a professional blog?

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Blog Concept

The businesses are increasingly having their own website for some years now. This is the first step in a successful online presence. The second lies in gaining and maintaining solid user base, potential customers and revenue generation through the online leads. There are many ways to successfully place a business online like Search engine optimization, Social media marketing and PPC campaigns. But having an active blog has its own space in Online User consolidation. Let’s discuss the unique benefits stemming from having an active professional blog for the business.

The conversion rate achievable through blog

       Blogs are more popular and more prevalent than many think. A stat shows that there are 240 million blogs online and approximately 5 lakh new blog posts every day. These many blogs and posts are not there without any return on Interest and Return on investment. There are potential customers in most unexpected places. The Internet is no different. A business never knows who might turn as their customer and join with them. Engaging visitors and converting them to potential customers and subsequently getting them involved through interaction can convert them as customers even. Blogging serves this purpose with ease.

Customer’s increase in Confidence and Trust

       A customer on reading the blog of an organization perceives a human side to it. Also, there seems to be an increase in personal connect and trust with it. The customers on getting to know more about their products or services, automatically gains trust on it. This increased trust and confidence translates into the sales revenue and customers in due course of time. Without the blog the other marketing strategies and public relation tactics though can connect with the public, but cannot bring out a human image for the organization.

 Convincing Google, if not the customers

       The website of the company and all its subsidiary pages, are mostly static with no dynamic or regularly updated content. But search engines like Google need regularly updated dynamic pages to list the website atop the Search Engine result page. So even if not to convince the customers regarding the products and services, it is very important to convince Google that the company and its website are pretty much active. This will take care of a part of SEO related activities.

Evergreen content showcases your expertise

       The blog posts with content which strikes a chord with reader on any day is an asset, the asset which has greater return on effort. And the informative posts will showcase the company as an expert in the field. Posting free maintenance and support tips apart from trends will increase the credibility. Apart from this, the traffic to your website will increase and the customer will remember your brand when any need arises. The credibility factor of the company will also increase with the consistent standard blog posts.

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The Unprecedented growth of E Commerce websites in the Gulf region

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Online shopping. Shopping cart with notebook on the white. shopp

Some years back, UAE had the lowest percentage of online purchases.  But the E-Commerce has been growing both in terms of user numbers and monetarily. In 2018 it is expected that the E-Commerce in UAE alone will be valued at $ 18 bn. Apart from UAE, the neighbor nations in the Gulf region are also witnessing a growth in their E-Commerce market. This trend surprises all the market specialists who didn’t forecast such a swift growth and development.

The present status of Gulf E-Commerce

        The E-Commerce being a new field introduced just some time back is just now finding its hold. Among the E-Commerce sites and sales volume in the gulf region, the United Arab Emirates seems to be the most promising. In 2009, the E Commerce sales accounted from gulf was $ 9 bn. After recording consecutive growth rate of more than 300 % for some years together, the sales volume of E-Commerce is expected to be $ 15 bn in 2015. As far as the E Commerce websites are concerned, there are some established market leaders and also a new crop of E commerce websites and service providers.

The adoption of E Commerce by the business players

         The start-ups especially prefer going online as soon as they start off. This signals the readiness to get them adapted to the new wave of changes. Though the start ups in majority accept and change themselves this trend, the major companies and conglomerates also are not stagnating, but equally are participative and are growing in stature. The successful ventures are almost always are quite easily getting funded by some Media and business giant from some part of the world or another. The problem is with the individual online shopping platform for an individual business entity.

The leading E Commerce websites

         The top E Commerce website leaders in the Gulf region are Namshi, Wysada, and Souq among others. Among these the Souq got a fresh funding from the South African media giant Naspers amounting $ 75 million. This funding will go a long way in elevating not only Souq, but the whole E Commerce platform in UAE and West Asia. There are many more online shopping companies in the Gulf and some really innovative and promising.

E Commerce website designing in Gulf

         The E Commerce users in a survey said that the user interface and ease of access makes a whole lot of difference while choosing a particular E commerce portal. Other issues like discounted price, comparison featured below the website design in that list. Gulf being a growing market, newer customers are added to the user base with each day. So the customer retention is highly important, which can be achieved through many ways including the most responsive and intuitive website design.

The e commerce websites are growing in the Gulf and they are also profitable to an extent. While innovative E Commerce ideas are prospering, some platforms aren’t taking off as per the expectation owing to many reasons including their website design. But on a large scale, the E Commerce in Gulf looks very much promising with bright prospects.

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Contemporary practices followed in Corporate Presentations

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Corporate Presentations are all about how we talk, display ourselves, present the information we have in store. But the content, and the quality, quantity and style of the information to be presented influences all other things involved in the corporate presentations. So, ‘what is in the presentation’ is equal, if not more important to ‘how do one present?’

‘Engaging’ is the key

      The business presentations at present are having different set of standards to itself. And the most common norm for a good and effective business presentation is that of ‘Engaging quotient’ of the presentation. Because in this new-Gen Information and Entertainment age people do not heed to until they are truly interested. So apart from the rich content, wealth of Information, Info graphics; the way the presentation is made interesting and engaging is also highly important.

Getting rid of cliché

The corporate presentation look and feel arrives first when there aren’t any clichés in them. The idioms and phrases kind of jargons which filled the corporate presentations some tack back around 2005 are now considered redundant and totally out-dated. To-the-point content is the most used presentation style now. Even any build-up is not getting the expected reaction from the audience.

Prior study of the Presentation details

        Before some time, there was only one computer, presentation maker, display, etc. But at present there are many operating systems, Presentation makers, displaying instruments. So studying the details of the presentation like that of place, target audience, their expectations, their knowledge, and their preferences will definitely help in the success of the presentation.

 Branding of the company/product

Maintaining the company brand name throughout the presentation cannot be achieved only by displaying the logo in all pages, but it has a wide set of practices. It starts from the type of font, font size and goes on till larger attributes such as the context of the presentation, the language used throughout and so on. The building up of the brand name is a gradual process which takes a long time to achieve. So in that process no single chance should be neglected, especially during the corporate presentation sort of important events.

So from the Engaging content till the catchy one-liners to the apt pictures used, the corporate presentations are multi-dimensional and are to be considered as one. The corporate presentations shy away from being out-of-the-box due to the fear of compromising with their brand name. But the innovative presentations do has its own set of audience and are not to be avoided continuously. So a right balance between maintaining corporate outlook and innovative approach should be blended to grasp the audience attention.

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