Trending Tactics For Social Media Marketing In 2015

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Social Media Marketing

If we had only two or three big social networks out there, the jobs of social media marketing team would be a lot easier. But as it is, the digital landscape has been dispersed, especially over the last 12-24 months. The challenges which the brands face involve a bigger, yet scattered audience; more diverse, yet fragmented social platforms; and an ever more competitive environment with impressive overall marketing efforts. So, let us see some tactics to be followed in 2015 for effective social media marketing.

Integrate mobile into social advertising

     The social media marketing team not only needs to advertise on the existing and new social media platforms and their associated applications across all platforms, but also take the mobile into consideration. The better integrated with all marketing resources, the more relevant and tailored will be the social advertising, and the fewer users will feel commercialized – a major weakness hampering most company’s social marketing strategy. With a worldwide mobile penetration of 93%, major social networks are constantly improving their mobile presence. 2015 will inevitably see optimized web and social media sites becoming the norm and location targeted, contextualized real-time content.

Don’t delay the inevitable Instagram integration any further

     Instagram has reported 200 million monthly users in the past few months. This much user traffic can’t be neglected by any scale. That too, the users are engaged with the platform while using. Another additional attraction to it is the micro video sharing facility. With both Vine and Instagram vying for billing as the top video networking site, the platforms have continued to differentiate themselves from the other offering different features, video lengths and editing capabilities. But many like me feel that the Instagram has a definite edge over Vimeo or any other video networking platform.

Embrace content marketing

      In the present marketing environment, two core strategies are highly important. They are publication and distribution. At times, some companies take care of the quality content publishing. On the other hand, some companies indulge more on the distribution of the content along with publicizing. This publicity will become successful only if the publicized content is of high quality. While the content marketing buzz continues to pick up steam, marketers needs to remember that a distribution strategy for that content is just as important, if not more important.

Model the SMM campaign as an experience

       To truly earn the trust and attention of educated, tech-savvy, connected millennial consumers, it isn’t enough to distract them with short term dazzle campaigns. To ignite and keep customer advocacy long term, companies need to show that they care by repeatedly enabling meaningful experiences. It will take time and effort to accomplish, but the end result will be worth the sweat.

The tactics of social media marketing shall be listed even more, apart from this. Another related anticipation is the social media shopping, which will surely find its way before the end of this year.

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