6 Professional Tips For Effective Ecommerce Websites Design

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Looking forward to design an ecommerce website? If yes, then you are at the perfect place! In this fast-paced world, with every individual having a digital foot-print, most, if not, many businesses try to cover the most unique aspects on their websites and get placed in the position for success. But, with an absurd growth rate in the ecommerce industry, the need for ecommerce web portals has increased drastically for any online business to make its mark. With around a million ecommerce websites, standing out of the crowd, and making the best out of your ecommerce website can be really difficult. To make it easy, here are a few simple yet professional tips to design an effective ecommerce website –

Understanding E-commerce:

Indeed, a very common topic, but this is where you have to concentrate. Before designing an ecommerce website, it’s important to understand ecommerce better. Online selling needs repeated market analysis, comprehensive reports on leads and traffics, and more conversions. In fact, according to a report, on an average, 40% of the users leave the ecommerce websites right as they enter. This is due to the lack of understanding of the concept of ecommerce. So, even before you decide on the layout of your ecommerce website, try to understand ecommerce and learn the ins and outs of it.


Your customers look out for various kinds of information, and compare different brands, before they decide to purchase. At such circumstances, having well written, detailed and also engaging product descriptions, can increase your conversion rate. It’s more like an ad on newspaper or magazine or even on the internet, but with a bit more information. Apart from product descriptions, including ‘Out-of-Stock’ or ‘Sold-Out’ information along with time frame of when the product will be available, can convert humungous leads into loyal customers.

Easy Navigation:

Your site can have everything your customers need. But, without a proper navigation system, it will be a tedious task for your customers to find and purchase your products. Check the placements of order button or add to cart button, sign in option and breadcrumbs. Generally customers would prefer a navigation that gets them to Point B directly from Point A on your site. So, make sure you give them an easy navigation in your ecommerce website for them to shop with a minimum fuss.

Choose Your Color:

Color plays a crucial role in attracting customers to your ecommerce website. There are so many themes and layouts with different color options available on the internet. Choose the one that gives a pleasant, appealing yet professional look. The images along with the theme and color should create an impact on your customers to buy the products. Ensure that the inter-links are highlighted for your customers to click through and check all your collections from your product portfolio.

Visible Pricing:

This is one of the most important aspect, you need to consider while designing your ecommerce website. Most businesses avoid quoting prices and have the ‘Request a Quote’ option. But, not all the prospective shoppers have the patience to request for a quote and then purchase. With all the hype around online shopping, customers are looking out to shop for things in a few seconds. If you want to make your mark, then have your price clearly visible along with attractive offers and discounts that can attract even more customers.

Advanced Search Module:

Having multiple pages to click through seems organized, but having an advanced search bar seems professional. Especially a suggestive search module with auto-complete feature will make it easy for your customers to find what they want in less than a few seconds and jump straight to the product page and purchase it in less than a minute’s time. So, it’s better to add search functionality while designing your ecommerce website.

Taking note of these 6 professional tips can definitely help in building an effective ecommerce website that can set cash registers on fire. However, you will have to keep looking into new trends and techniques that can improve your website’s “shoppability,” to stay on the top forever.

So, what are your thoughts about these tips? Share it across in your comments! I will get back to you pretty soon!

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