The Unprecedented growth of E Commerce websites in the Gulf region

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Some years back, UAE had the lowest percentage of online purchases.  But the E-Commerce has been growing both in terms of user numbers and monetarily. In 2018 it is expected that the E-Commerce in UAE alone will be valued at $ 18 bn. Apart from UAE, the neighbor nations in the Gulf region are also witnessing a growth in their E-Commerce market. This trend surprises all the market specialists who didn’t forecast such a swift growth and development.

The present status of Gulf E-Commerce

        The E-Commerce being a new field introduced just some time back is just now finding its hold. Among the E-Commerce sites and sales volume in the gulf region, the United Arab Emirates seems to be the most promising. In 2009, the E Commerce sales accounted from gulf was $ 9 bn. After recording consecutive growth rate of more than 300 % for some years together, the sales volume of E-Commerce is expected to be $ 15 bn in 2015. As far as the E Commerce websites are concerned, there are some established market leaders and also a new crop of E commerce websites and service providers.

The adoption of E Commerce by the business players

         The start-ups especially prefer going online as soon as they start off. This signals the readiness to get them adapted to the new wave of changes. Though the start ups in majority accept and change themselves this trend, the major companies and conglomerates also are not stagnating, but equally are participative and are growing in stature. The successful ventures are almost always are quite easily getting funded by some Media and business giant from some part of the world or another. The problem is with the individual online shopping platform for an individual business entity.

The leading E Commerce websites

         The top E Commerce website leaders in the Gulf region are Namshi, Wysada, and Souq among others. Among these the Souq got a fresh funding from the South African media giant Naspers amounting $ 75 million. This funding will go a long way in elevating not only Souq, but the whole E Commerce platform in UAE and West Asia. There are many more online shopping companies in the Gulf and some really innovative and promising.

E Commerce website designing in Gulf

         The E Commerce users in a survey said that the user interface and ease of access makes a whole lot of difference while choosing a particular E commerce portal. Other issues like discounted price, comparison featured below the website design in that list. Gulf being a growing market, newer customers are added to the user base with each day. So the customer retention is highly important, which can be achieved through many ways including the most responsive and intuitive website design.

The e commerce websites are growing in the Gulf and they are also profitable to an extent. While innovative E Commerce ideas are prospering, some platforms aren’t taking off as per the expectation owing to many reasons including their website design. But on a large scale, the E Commerce in Gulf looks very much promising with bright prospects.

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