Trending Tactics For Social Media Marketing In 2015

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Social Media Marketing

If we had only two or three big social networks out there, the jobs of social media marketing team would be a lot easier. But as it is, the digital landscape has been dispersed, especially over the last 12-24 months. The challenges which the brands face involve a bigger, yet scattered audience; more diverse, yet fragmented social platforms; and an ever more competitive environment with impressive overall marketing efforts. So, let us see some tactics to be followed in 2015 for effective social media marketing.

Integrate mobile into social advertising

     The social media marketing team not only needs to advertise on the existing and new social media platforms and their associated applications across all platforms, but also take the mobile into consideration. The better integrated with all marketing resources, the more relevant and tailored will be the social advertising, and the fewer users will feel commercialized – a major weakness hampering most company’s social marketing strategy. With a worldwide mobile penetration of 93%, major social networks are constantly improving their mobile presence. 2015 will inevitably see optimized web and social media sites becoming the norm and location targeted, contextualized real-time content.

Don’t delay the inevitable Instagram integration any further

     Instagram has reported 200 million monthly users in the past few months. This much user traffic can’t be neglected by any scale. That too, the users are engaged with the platform while using. Another additional attraction to it is the micro video sharing facility. With both Vine and Instagram vying for billing as the top video networking site, the platforms have continued to differentiate themselves from the other offering different features, video lengths and editing capabilities. But many like me feel that the Instagram has a definite edge over Vimeo or any other video networking platform.

Embrace content marketing

      In the present marketing environment, two core strategies are highly important. They are publication and distribution. At times, some companies take care of the quality content publishing. On the other hand, some companies indulge more on the distribution of the content along with publicizing. This publicity will become successful only if the publicized content is of high quality. While the content marketing buzz continues to pick up steam, marketers needs to remember that a distribution strategy for that content is just as important, if not more important.

Model the SMM campaign as an experience

       To truly earn the trust and attention of educated, tech-savvy, connected millennial consumers, it isn’t enough to distract them with short term dazzle campaigns. To ignite and keep customer advocacy long term, companies need to show that they care by repeatedly enabling meaningful experiences. It will take time and effort to accomplish, but the end result will be worth the sweat.

The tactics of social media marketing shall be listed even more, apart from this. Another related anticipation is the social media shopping, which will surely find its way before the end of this year.

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How to choose the right Keywords for SEO

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Keywords are the foundation of your SEO efforts, so choose wisely because you’ll be stuck for the rest of your life. Just kidding! But you might as well be, because those keywords will be so deeply embedded in your web pages, meta data, content marketing, link building… everything you do. It would be the biggest pain in the you-know-what if it turned out that you weren’t using the best keywords, after all.

So here’s what most people look for in keywords:

  • Search volume. If a large volume of people are searching for a specific keyword or phrase, then there’s money to be made once you get a good ranking. Right?
  • Search competition. Of course, the value of a keyword with a high search volume may increase or decrease depending on how tough it would be to get a front page placement against everyone else
  • Relevance. Naturally, this should always be the first thing you look for in a search phrase. In fact, keyword research is a lengthy process that begins after you’ve come up with a list of phrases that describe what you offer.

Really, that’s about it. Those are the three magic beans used to tell if a keyword will help, or fail.

However, considering the importance of keywords there should be more emphasis put on how you find them to begin with… and a little less on what the metrics say. This matters more because you want to prioritize the way visitors (your core market) view your brand and website. If you read too much into keywords that don’t fit naturally, it will show.

So start with your competitors!

That’s right… look at competition to find which meta tags and keywords they optimize for. This is quite simply the fastest and easiest way to start your list.

Then add to the list…

If you’re smart, you will look at successful competitors that cater to a different demographic. For example, if you offer HVAC services in Atlanta, GA then you might look at top ranking HVAC service providers all the way over in Dallas, TX.

You’ll still get a feel for what works and incorporate those keywords into your own list, but the next step is to modify those keywords, add anything that’s missing, and make them yours.

Know that how you describe your business might be different from how your customers describe your business.

You can also turn to customers or outsiders for help. Pass the computer over to any average person (who fits your demographic) and ask them to search for (your product or service.) Ask them to do 5 different searches, and pay attention to the phrases they use.

Keyword research is helpful in finding high volume search phrases, and eliminating the phrases that business owners use which aren’t helpful. Of course you still want to keep those owner specific phrases in your web content if it’s natural, but they aren’t going to help potential customers find you!

Finally, be flexible. But not too flexible!

Relevance is everything when it comes to keywords. So you want to be as specific as possible, but not so specific that you won’t reach the largest possible audience. At the same time, you don’t want to be so flexible that you’re marketing to unqualified or uninterested audiences.

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3 Magic Beans of SEO

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You may already know the first two “magic beans” that create a strong foundation for sustainable, long term SEO success.

  1. Publish high quality content than people like to read
  2. Get linked to by as many related authority sites as possible.

But did you know the third most important element of optimizing for search engine placement is

     3.  Social Media.

Social media is anything but new, and that includes its impact with search ranking algorithms. However, since social media wasn’t a “thing” when SEO first developed it is still fairly new and many traditional internet marketers have been reluctant to accept the weight of social networks into their industry.

The time has come to embrace the benefits of social media and its impact on your search marketing campaign. Now keep in mind that not all social networks can be a benefit to your business, so it is a mistake to juggle multiple accounts (or worse, have stale profiles).

The best approach is to focus on the social networks that your best customers are most active on, and keep your audience interested.

Content marketing goes beyond simply publishing great content. Ensuring that your content is optimized for people as well as search engines is one tiny piece of the puzzle… you also want to focus on how to gain more inbound links. The most valuable links are published on relevant authority sites as a citation, using your site as a resource. So it goes without saying that obtaining these links is impossible if your content is not up to par with high quality standards.

Tying it all together on social media: the more shares or likes your blog gets, the more exposure you get and your content is that much more likely to stand out to authority bloggers willing to link back to the original source.

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10 ways to stay at top in Search Engines

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With all the havoc after Panda and Penguin updates, the very common phrase related to Google algorithms and ranking is “You never know!” Especially with the changes to algorithms every now and then, that leads to great websites turning spammy in just less than a few minutes. And the Hummingbird update following the footsteps has even made things the worst with every business pondering over the question “How to stay at top in Google results?”

Well, there are hundreds of blogs discussing what to do to achieve high rankings. Just topping the search results isn’t going to be enough as there’s always the question of “what next?” At times like these, you need a lot more than those simple tips to achieve high ranks in Google. If you want to stay at top in search engines, then go ahead and read the list of 10 different ways to try out to retain your rankings.

1. Build your Brand:
Do your customers talk about your brand? No? Then, make them! There isn’t a better way than getting your customers promote your brand to rule the search engine results. Organize memorable and mesmerizing campaigns that people can’t stop talking about. You will get to ride waves of backlinks, social signals and mentions; with a just the slightest effort to encourage your audience spread the word. With people talking about your brand, Google will be playing close attention, which is exactly what you need!

2. Is Quality Content Enough?
This might sound like a state of the art SEO technique that experts always list out as an important strategy to achieve higher ranks. But, content is actually one of the best ways to retain your rankings. Ensure that your articles are beyond just well-written content with rich media including images and video, turning into a point of contact with your customers. Impress your audience with informative content, so that they keep coming back to your site to check for what’s new.

3. Inbound Links:
Every SEO strategy at its core is all about unique, high quality content and the inbound links. Businesses often overlook the inbound linking strategy, when considering search engine optimization for their site. But, SEO experts believe it to be a strategy that can help high ranking websites to thrive on humongous traffic and stay on top of the search engine results always.

4. Domains with Keywords:
With the constant updates in Google algorithm, the shift in SEO trends seems more likely to be toward very less emphasis on “keyword tricks” and much more emphasis on “quality.” But, still registering domain names with the primary keyword in them, and boosting them with backlinks and social shares can surely help you retain your rankings. After all, it’s one of the basic marketing techniques.

5. Loading Time:
Gone are the days, when people were ready to wait for a few minutes to check out the website! In this fast-paced world, waiting for even seconds seems like the impossible task for your audience. At times like these, it’s highly important to maintain your website loading speed at the lowest as possible to retain your page rank.

6. Optimize click through rates
There is always room of improvement when it comes to click through rates of your website that can help you stay on the #1 ranking and maximize the benefits you get. Just because your website ranks higher and tops search results, you will not be guaranteed with hundreds or even thousands of visits per day. Positioning your website is definitely important, but still tweaking your title tags and Meta description to lure your audience can greatly increase the click through rates.

7. Bounce Rate and Conversions
While every aspect of the website counts in ranking, the bounce rate and conversions can more likely be a crucial factor in determining the success of your SEO strategy or marketing campaign. It’s not just for achieving rankings, but for also the profit of your business as the conversion rate will have to be indirectly proportionate to bounce rate to ensure that you are heading in the right path.

8. Social Signals
Your audience like you and your business for sure, but do they love your business to share their experience with their friends and family? May be yes! But do they share on Google+? Well, it comes as not-so-surprising that Google +1’s have a bit more recognition compared to Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins. Make sure, you have your fan base in G+ too, so Google keeps you in the top of search results.

9. Expand on ranking opportunities
Do you know there is opportunity for expanding on your #1 ranking for even more visibility? No? Many businesses are not aware of the fact that there is still a chance to take up the entire search lists. Expanding the keyword scope of the ranking page to target even more-specific keywords, would allow even more rankings, especially with a prove inbound linking structure and natural high quality backlinks. When you have more rankings for any search engine result page, Google will add a second indented listing to your first search result.

10. Future-proof your SEO rankings
Heard of Black Hat SEO? Exploiting loopholes and using certain tricks for overnight rankings might work well now, but will it last? Search engine optimization is actually extremely volatile and your rankings can be wiped out in less than a few seconds as a result of algorithmic shifts. The key is to future proof your SEO rankings to stand the test of time by building your strategies and campaign around long term signals of quality.

Regardless of what it is you follow for maintaining your SEO rankings, the bottom line is the trust and level of user engagement in your business that matters the most. Gulf Web Studio, with expertise can help you solidify your position among your competitors with focus on customer satisfaction to continue to reap the rewards of topping search results forever!

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6 Professional Tips For Effective Ecommerce Websites Design

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Looking forward to design an ecommerce website? If yes, then you are at the perfect place! In this fast-paced world, with every individual having a digital foot-print, most, if not, many businesses try to cover the most unique aspects on their websites and get placed in the position for success. But, with an absurd growth rate in the ecommerce industry, the need for ecommerce web portals has increased drastically for any online business to make its mark. With around a million ecommerce websites, standing out of the crowd, and making the best out of your ecommerce website can be really difficult. To make it easy, here are a few simple yet professional tips to design an effective ecommerce website –

Understanding E-commerce:

Indeed, a very common topic, but this is where you have to concentrate. Before designing an ecommerce website, it’s important to understand ecommerce better. Online selling needs repeated market analysis, comprehensive reports on leads and traffics, and more conversions. In fact, according to a report, on an average, 40% of the users leave the ecommerce websites right as they enter. This is due to the lack of understanding of the concept of ecommerce. So, even before you decide on the layout of your ecommerce website, try to understand ecommerce and learn the ins and outs of it.


Your customers look out for various kinds of information, and compare different brands, before they decide to purchase. At such circumstances, having well written, detailed and also engaging product descriptions, can increase your conversion rate. It’s more like an ad on newspaper or magazine or even on the internet, but with a bit more information. Apart from product descriptions, including ‘Out-of-Stock’ or ‘Sold-Out’ information along with time frame of when the product will be available, can convert humungous leads into loyal customers.

Easy Navigation:

Your site can have everything your customers need. But, without a proper navigation system, it will be a tedious task for your customers to find and purchase your products. Check the placements of order button or add to cart button, sign in option and breadcrumbs. Generally customers would prefer a navigation that gets them to Point B directly from Point A on your site. So, make sure you give them an easy navigation in your ecommerce website for them to shop with a minimum fuss.

Choose Your Color:

Color plays a crucial role in attracting customers to your ecommerce website. There are so many themes and layouts with different color options available on the internet. Choose the one that gives a pleasant, appealing yet professional look. The images along with the theme and color should create an impact on your customers to buy the products. Ensure that the inter-links are highlighted for your customers to click through and check all your collections from your product portfolio.

Visible Pricing:

This is one of the most important aspect, you need to consider while designing your ecommerce website. Most businesses avoid quoting prices and have the ‘Request a Quote’ option. But, not all the prospective shoppers have the patience to request for a quote and then purchase. With all the hype around online shopping, customers are looking out to shop for things in a few seconds. If you want to make your mark, then have your price clearly visible along with attractive offers and discounts that can attract even more customers.

Advanced Search Module:

Having multiple pages to click through seems organized, but having an advanced search bar seems professional. Especially a suggestive search module with auto-complete feature will make it easy for your customers to find what they want in less than a few seconds and jump straight to the product page and purchase it in less than a minute’s time. So, it’s better to add search functionality while designing your ecommerce website.

Taking note of these 6 professional tips can definitely help in building an effective ecommerce website that can set cash registers on fire. However, you will have to keep looking into new trends and techniques that can improve your website’s “shoppability,” to stay on the top forever.

So, what are your thoughts about these tips? Share it across in your comments! I will get back to you pretty soon!

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7 Reasons To Choose Online Marketing

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Internet marketing has completely transformed the way products were being marketed till some time back. Since more and more people are taking to the internet, it is regarded as the best platform to promote your company or products.

7 reasons to choose online marketingIrrespective of whether you already have an online business or intend to start one, you need to be aware that the business world is constantly changing and in order to make a lasting impression on your clients. Hence, online marketing is the first step towards achieving this goal. Mentioned below are 7 reasons, why you should opt for online marketing:

7 reasons to choose online marketing:

  1. It is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to promote your business.
  2. You can spread your message to the masses.
  3. You will save a great deal of money, which is otherwise spent on advertising through newspapers and magazines.
  4. You will see profits increase with minimal investment.
  5. It will help you to have access to larger avenues.
  6. It enables you to implement and access marketing strategies quickly and easily.
  7. It is a more interactive medium, allowing you to enhance the credibility of your business.

Today numerous methods are being used for online marketing. Some of these have worked for some people, while the same have proved to be useless for others. Most firms have created their own ways of online marketing to reap profits and one of these is the interesting combination of offline and online marketing.

Very soon everyone will be following suite and if you intend to hold the top position, then it is best that you start applying online marketing strategies to your work. There are a few things that you need to know before venturing into the domain of online marketing.

Learn the basics:

The three pillars of online marketing are: Website, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Online marketing is extremely efficient but you need to constantly come up with new plans and ideas, so that you stand out from the rest. Evaluating the current marketing scene and constantly upgrading your strategies is the key to a successful online marketing campaign. You need to be very calculative while making investments here and avoid any loop holes. Make sure to put money into something that is certain to deliver benefits and help you succeed in your venture.

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