Differences between HTML5 and Responsive Web Designs in the Current Scenario

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There are many pieces of misinformation floating around the virtual world such as HTML5 is the best or only Responsive web designs are the best. If you properly learn what they are, you would find out that the contrary is the truth. Both HTML5 and Responsive Designs are your friends and you only need to choose how much of what will go on your website to make it serve your needs and objectives. Well, let me make it clear by defining each in simple terms you can understand.

HTML5: Being the fifth version of the age old markup language, HTML 5 has brought with it several possibilities and features with it in order to help developers create interesting websites. Shortly, with HTML 5, you can do pretty much anything and what’s more exciting about it is that you can even include media directly in the codes.

Responsive Web Design: It is primarily a set of principles that determine how your website will respond to the different browser requests and how your website will get displayed on different devices and their varied screen sizes. If you have noticed that a website gets displayed on a mobile device as exactly how it looks on a computer screen, you can say that it has a responsive design that alters the size of the website according to the screen size of the device. The quest that began in 2010 for a solution for companies and developers to meet the need of providing exactly the same experience on all devices ended up in responsive web design.

I guess these definitions and bits of information would have given you a good picture of these two concepts. Now let’s dive in to learn what the differences are.

Elements: Responsive web design can have several elements such as HTML 5 codes, java script, and CSS in order to be fully developed. Each of these elements are used to develop different parts of the websites to serve different purposes and produce different effects. For instance, CSS can be used to generate frames and HTML 5 can be used to customize content and determine the response to user interactions.

HTML 5 can also be solely used to develop a website. There’s no doubt that good websites can be developed using it. However, it would be best if other elements such as java scripts are also used in order to get the best of all worlds.

Functions: As Responsive web designs have different elements used, they can make nearly anything happen. Any kind of content and design can be achieved with responsive web designs as there are all kinds of elements used. Each way of coding holds supreme in its own way. If you go for Responsive designs, you can make use of all the advantages and make the final product of your efforts very fruitful and exciting.

HTML 5 is the most advanced version of its kind. Though many people argue that it is still in the developing or not fully developed, they can’t deny the fact that it is developing fast. There are more possibilities discovered with HTML 5 of late and it helps developers to a great extent. But, if you use only HTML 5 for your website, your website may have to let go of some of the features that would better serve the purpose.

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