What you should not do while designing a website

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Undoubtedly, a beautiful web design will definitely help you in fetching a good amount of traffic to your site. There are a list of dos and donts ,which when followed will give you good results in designing your website.

1. No page counters : page counters makes a visitor of your site look into the information which you wish to hide. It also makes one feel that you are an amateur and make you mess up with your designs. Thus, the page counters should be avoided.

2. No blinking or flashing text: using blinking or flashing text will make the visitors of the site lose interest. As they have to keep waiting for reading the complete text only when it flashes out or blinks.

3. Make the webpage titles sensible: one of the major attributes of a web page is the title. The titles are the ones that draw attention of the readers of your site. Thus, catchy and informative title should be added.

4. Avoid using framesets : the CSS positioning is well supported by most of the browsers. Hence, you may avoid using framesets. Framesets are one among the attributes that complicate the websites and cause problems with search engines.

5. Avoid fake methods to get high page rank: Most of the web designers fail to get a good traffic to their sites by using false methods to get good search engine rankings. If one tries to fool a search engine like google, his website will be led to death.

6. Chat rooms: Most of the people today are not interested in chat rooms. If you have an empty chat room on your site, then it is a shame for you. Hence, chat rooms must be used if the average daily traffic for your web site is more than 10,000 visits a day.

7. Under Construction Pages: Always remember not to upload pages that are not ready. If you have a list of links that point out to the page that is not ready, then it is a must for you to disable those links. If your page is truly ‘under construction’ and has content on it that is ready to be seen by your web surfers, just post a ‘last updated’ date and make sure you get the new content in place soon. What ever you do, don’t put one of those cheesy ‘under construction’ images on the page.

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